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Dreaming about a session, but aren't sure? Here are some things to think about.

I am not a model, and am not comfortable in front of a camera.

Not to worry! It is my job to make sure that you feel like one from the moment you step into the studio for your session. I will make sure that we find the hair, makeup, and poses that make you shine. You do not have to be a model to look and feel like one. Trust me, I'll take good care of you! 

My family is pretty casual, and won't have the patience for full makeovers.

Your family portrait should absolutely reflect your personality. A formal portrait won't mean anything to you if you prefer something more silly and fun. At the same time, I'm sure that you, and possibly your children (depending on their age), would love the opportunity to have your hair & makeup done as part of your portrait experience. We *all* love that extra boost of confidence that a makeover gives—even when the changes are minimal. You can enjoy the pampering and then have your other family members join us later for the session itself.

I don't tend to wear a lot of makeup or get fancy.

I get it. Neither do I. But I recently had my portrait taken and had my hair and makeup done professionally—and I can't begin to tell you the difference it made in my level of confidence. I am not currently using that photo because I have since decided to let my hair go gray, so I look nothing like that last session, but I do plan to splurge and go all in again. I just loved seeing the finished products from that last session—and I want to give you that same ego boost. You don't have to wear a lot of makeup, or do anything fancy with your hair. It's just enough to make you feel special. I promise.

I only need a headshot for social media, and am not interested in prints.

Your image is more than your LinkedIn profile picture. It is your brand ... the face you put forward to the world. While you may only need a quick "professional" image now, at some point, you will want something more encompassing ... something that can go in your email signature, speaker programs, company bios, and more. True, you may not hang an oversized portrait of yourself in your living room, but you will want something more than a single headshot. That is why I offer a "brand package" that includes smaller sized prints and digital images for professional use. See more under WHAT TO EXPECT: INVESTMENT

I love the idea of seeing my images in print, but also want digitals to share online.

Of course you do. And you should! That's why you will receive high-resolution digital files for all images you purchase as prints. 

Because of work and school schedules, we are only available on weekends.

Weekend sessions are absolutely available, but tend to fill up quickly. Please CONTACT ME so that we can get something on the calendar as soon as possible.


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