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Initial Consultation

While I realize that everyone is busy and many of us like to do all of our planning and scheduling through email, I would love to have an initial phone conversation to talk about what you are really looking to get out of your photo session. I want to get to know you a little bit -- and give you an opportunity to get to know me. We will also talk about how we can use the photos we capture to create tangible artwork that you will love.


And, of course, we will explore what you want from the experience of actually getting your photo taken ... how you want to feel when you are posing.


Do you want to feel glamorous or powerful? Efficient or creative? Elegant or quirky? 


Is your family casual or formal? Serious or silly? Reserved or affectionate?


We will also talk about *where* you want to be photographed—in the studio or on location.


And, of course, we'll talk hair, makeup, wardrobe & scheduling. 


Hair | Makeup | Wardrobe

Your photo session can be more than just a quick jump in front of the camera. In fact, it *should* be a time for you to feel pampered ... beautiful ... special.


That's why I include hair, makeup AND wardrobe extras in your session fee that turn a run-of-the-mill photo op into a complete photographic experience.


Whether you wear your hair up or loose, we'll work with a stylist to give you the look that fits your vision.


Whether you wear a lot of makeup, tend to stay more natural, or want to break out and do something super funky, together we can plan a complete look for a truly unique portrait.

Whether you want to bring your own outfits or try one of my fabric-wrap "gowns" and glamour accessories,  I will have wardrobe guidance to set you on your way.


Of course, I realize that for group portraits, not everyone will have the the patience to wait while you (and any other group members) get pampered and styled. Not to worry. The rest of your group can just join us later in the day ... and jump in just in time for photos.


Image Reveal

During your reveal & ordering session, you will first see all of your images in a beautiful slideshow on a large screen monitor, giving you time to take in each portrait on your own.

Then, you & I will go through each individual image more slowly, so that you have time to really examine the details of the final portrait.

At this time, we will talk more specifically about how you would like to tangibly display your portraits in your home or office, and determine which images would best fulfill those goals.





WALL ART: $600+

I believe that our beauty, our family, our lives ... all are meant to be celebrated. And they are meant to be seen ... not hidden away on our phones, in pixels. That is why I offer tangible photographic art that can be enjoyed, cherished, and passed on for years to come.

*For details on Bar & Bat Mitzvah pricing, please see my


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