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Welcome! My guess is that you have found my site because your fuzzy beastie is as much a part of your family as any of the humans in your life. Take a look around to learn more about how we can capture portraits of you and your beastie that you will treasure forever.

I don’t know about you, but my fur baby is my child … albeit a very fuzzy, very excitable, constantly shedding, four-legged child. And like any parent, I just can’t get enough pictures of my beautiful baby boy.

Of course, he got tired of posing for me a long, long time ago. So, a friend recommended that I volunteer with some local animal shelters … and I haven’t looked back. Over the years, my work has gravitated more toward human portraits, but I still can't let go of my first love: pet photography. 

Whether holding mini-sessions, partnering with a rescue organization for holiday photos, traveling to the home of a happy pet owner, or scheduling a full session in my Sunnyvale studio, my goal is to ensure that my clients get the perfect photos of their fuzzy beastie(s) to cherish forever. I capture solo pet photos and full family portraits. 

You can learn more about me and my process by navigating my portrait site (Suz McFadden Photo).


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